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What if More Chemical Partners Took a Holistic Approach When Solving Challenges in Your Business?

Every industry—be it oil and gas production, forestry, manufacturing, water treatment, or even a brand new industry just starting to emerge—faces its own challenges. Modern innovations mean we can tackle many of these challenges with chemistry. But there’s more to overcoming challenges than simply ordering a tote. To really solve problems you need to take the time to understand the bigger picture and the intricacies of each system or equipment.

The result? Fast and effective solutions that are customized to your unique systems.

We Believe in Chemistry Done Better, For a Better Future.

Established in 1960, we have earned a reputation for excellence founded on a commitment to cutting-edge chemistry, meaningful service, and innovative solutions. That’s because we believe it’s not enough to just create ground-breaking chemistry or to simply deliver it.

Guardian Chemicals is recognized as one of the leading specialized chemical suppliers of over 220 products for multiple applications because we take the time to send our industry experts on-site to understand your challenges. We don’t simply develop solutions and applications that work—we also constantly test to discover product and process improvements, and make sure we are delivering beyond the expectations of all stakeholders.

A Higher Standard of Product Innovation

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We look to clients like you for insight on how we can solve the biggest issues facing your industry. We continually invest in Research & Development, extensively test the chemicals we produce, and always look for better application processes.


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We have become industry leaders by developing responsible chemistry for over 60 years. We create numerous products certified to GreenSeal and company ISO 14001 certification.

Efficient &
Timely Service

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We understand that time is money. Our knowledgeable team show up onsite informed and ready to advise. We deliver your chemicals, service your equipment, and aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty to solve the problem.

We’re Certified to Deliver Results

We cater to any unique need while staying committed to best-in-class safety and ISO standards.

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