From Filthy Filters to Clean Water: Boiler System Cleaned and Protected by Aquaguard 810 in Only 6 Weeks

At a glance

Poor water quality and lack of treatment in this process water boiler system meant regular shutdowns and cleaning were required. Aquaguard 810 and process improvements were introduced. The result: clean water, reduced maintenance cost, corrosion protection and no more costly shutdowns and cleaning.

Key metrics

94% DROP


A 200,000 L system with five gas fired hot water heating boilers operated several years without treatment, increasing risk for severe corrosion damage. Regular blow down and fresh water addition failed to prevent costly shutdowns and cleaning. Pressure gauges and filters regularly plugged with corrosion by-products and debris.


System assessment was completed and Aquaguard 810, an all-organic boiler treatment, was introduced. Equipment improvements included addition of a two gallon pot feeder, pressure gauge replacement, and installation of a relief valve in the filter housing.


Clean Water and Clean System

After only 6 weeks of treatment, boiler water and filters were clean and clear.

Protected from Corrosion

Aquaguard 810 removed corrosion by-products from system, replacing them with a protective chemical film to protect the system from future corrosion. Iron levels in water dropped from 3.3 ppm to 0.19 ppm.

No More Shutdowns or System Pre-Cleaners

System pre-cleaners and shutdowns were eliminated, reducing system maintenance costs and enhancing reliability.




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AQUAGUARD 810 is an all organic treatment composed of corrosion and scale inhibitors, dispersants and buffering agents for use in closed loop systems.  It does not suffer from issues regarding waste discharge (heavy metal) or biological control (nutrient for bacteria), unlike molybdate and nitrite based treatments.