Transforming Water Treatment: How Aquaguard 810 Saved this Government Building Thousands of Dollars Annually

At a glance

Poor water treatment led to high chemical consumption rates, high corrosion rates, and high maintenance costs for this government facility. Guardian Chemicals assessed the system and implemented our Aquaguard 810 treatment. Within 12 weeks, the water was clear, iron levels reduced and corrosion eliminated.

Key metrics

decrease in dissolved iron
decrease in chemical use
weeks from filthy to clean


A 750,000 square foot government building closed loop heating and chilled water system was suffering from high levels of corrosion. The previous water treatment company was adding up to three pails of chemical to the system each month, however high conductivity, high iron levels, and high corrosion rates were observed.


Guardian Chemicals replaced the previous treatment with Aquaguard 810, resulting in a reduction of iron levels, elimination of corrosion issues, and a decrease in conductivity. This protected system components including metallurgy, pumps, and seals, and eliminated scale issues.


Clean Water and Clean System
After 12 weeks of treatment, both boiler and chilled system water and filters were clean and clear.

Protected from Corrosion
Aquaguard 810 removed corrosion by-products from system, replacing them with a protective chemical film, protecting the system from future corrosion. Iron levels in water dropped from a high of 50 ppm to nearly zero.

Reduced Chemical and Maintenance Costs
Chemical consumption significantly reduced. Only 1 to 2 pails per year required whereas previous treatment used up to 36 pails without producing satisfactory results. Conductivity brought under control, protecting system components.


Aquaguard 810 System Cleaning Effect—Pre-existing foulant removal and dissolved iron reduction. System fully cleaned and protected over 12 weeks.


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AQUAGUARD 810 is an all organic treatment composed of corrosion and scale inhibitors, dispersants and buffering agents for use in closed loop systems.  It does not suffer from issues regarding waste discharge (heavy metal) or biological control (nutrient for bacteria), unlike molybdate and nitrite based treatments.