Swift Solution for Early Corrosion: How Aquaguard 810 Saved a New Heating System in this Education Facility in Only 4 Weeks

At a glance

A six-month-old heating system in this newly renovated school suffered from high corrosion rates. Despite high iron and low system pH, the competitor failed to correct treatment issues. Aquaguard 810 was added to the system to remove existing corrosion and protect from future corrosion issues.

Key metrics

94.6% DROP
ONLY 6.5 L


The new 3,000 L heating system powered by two 1,500,000 Btu boilers at this school experienced rapid corrosion. Despite the water being clear, high iron and low pH levels were observed. The competitor’s corrosion shield product, in place since startup, failed to prevent these problems despite the system being only six-months old.


Guardian Chemicals flushed the system and added 5 L of Aquaguard 810. After one week, an additional 1.5 L was added and the system monitored weekly. Regular water analysis and filter changes were performed. After four weeks and addition of only 6.5 L of treatment, the system was fully protected by Aquaguard 810.


Protected from Corrosion

After Aquaguard 810 treatment, iron levels dropped from a high of 5.6 ppm to 0.3 ppm in only four weeks.

Clean System

Aquaguard 810 removed corrosion by-products, replacing them with a protective chemical film. After four weeks of treatment, filters were clean and water clear.

More Sustainable Treatment

Aquaguard 810 treats system surfaces to protect it from the water, while the competitor’s treatment was supposed to treat the water. By treating system surfaces, chemical demand is reduced.



Aquaguard 810 System Cleaning Effect—Pre-existing foulant removal and dissolved iron reduction. System fully cleaned and protected over 4 weeks.

aquaguard810-reduces-iron-levelsImmediate drop in iron levels one-week after installing Aquaguard 810 treatment.


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AQUAGUARD 810 is an all organic treatment composed of corrosion and scale inhibitors, dispersants and buffering agents for use in closed loop systems.  It does not suffer from issues regarding waste discharge (heavy metal) or biological control (nutrient for bacteria), unlike molybdate and nitrite based treatments.