Protecting Concrete Facility Infrastructure: Prolonged Pipe Life in Sand Heating Systems with Aquaguard 841

At a glance

A concrete site using a direct injection steam generator faced issues with high deposit formation, corrosion, and frequent pipe replacements. Guardian Chemicals introduced Aquaguard 841 treatment, which improved the system’s performance and extended the service life of the pipes.

Key metrics

Mid-Season Shutdowns
33% DROP


A concrete ready-mix facility with a steam generator sand bin heating system suffered from high levels of scale build-up and corrosion. Corrosion of steel piping resulted in pipe replacements every 1.5-2 years while deposit formation in the steam generator reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs.


Conventional treatments were replaced with Aquaguard 841 and HR2. Aquaguard 841 treatment resulted in a protective film preventing corrosion on all system surfaces. Scale and deposit formation were reduced by the addition of Aquaguard HR2, which improved monitoring and water softener maintenance.


Extended Pipe Service Life

Before Aquaguard 841 treatment, pipes were replaced every 1.5 to 2 years. Four years after starting Aquaguard 841 treatment, the original pipes are in good condition and remain in service.

Reduced Chemical Consumption and Maintenance Costs

Using a filming treatment instead of a conventional water treatment program reduced chemical consumption by 33%. Scale prevention and corrosion control reduced maintenance costs and eliminated mid-season shutdowns for pipe repairs.

Improved System Performance

Reduced deposit formation and corrosion, which lead to a more efficient and reliable steam generator system.



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The AQUAGUARD 840’s Series utilizes an innovative formulation of film forming and volatile corrosion inhibitors, pH buffering agents, dispersants and cleaning agents to provide complete protection to the boiler and condensate system.