Unleashing the Power of Automation: How this Healthcare Facility Upgraded its Cooling Tower Control System and Saved $8000 Per Year

At a glance

A healthcare facility improved its cooling tower efficiency by upgrading to a fully automated control system. This change resulted in an annual cost savings of $8000. The change improved water treatment efficiency, reduced chemical consumption, and improved biological control.

Key metrics

55% DROP


This Healthcare Facility relied on an analog cooling tower control system with no real-time conductivity and minimal calibration ability. Cooling water treatment chemicals were added continuously, without automatic adjustment for variable heat load. Biocide was added manually with a pre-set timer limiting the effectiveness of biological control.


All three control panels were replaced with a web-capable controller platform with fully automated chemical addition, real-time readouts, data logging of makeup, conductivity, and inhibitor levels, and remote alarming. After upgrading the equipment, this facility switched to a more efficient chemical, AQUAGUARD 508, and adopted alternating biocides with different dose rates for improved biological control.


Reduced Chemical Usage

New improved chemistry, stability and control, resulted in reduced chemical usage, substantial cost savings, and better biological control.

Break-Even ROI in only 10 Months

Equipment upgrades and water treatment program changes resulted in significant reduction of chemical use and $8000 in annual program savings.

  • Scale and corrosion inhibitor volume reduced by 80%
  • Biocide volume reduced by 45%
  • Water treatment chemical operating cost reduced by 55%





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AQUAGUARD 508 is an innovative treatment focused on protecting your equipment, reducing water consumption and ultimately reducing your operating and maintenance costs. AQUAGUARD 508 is specially formulated to prevent the corrosion of steel, galvanized metals, yellow metals such as copper or brass and their alloys while also effectively controlling scale by dispersing any suspended solids and preventing deposition.