HotSoss Treatment Increased Well Production by 447%

At a glance

A customer in Saskatchewan experienced a significant drop in oil production rates and well revenues. HotSoss well stimulation program was applied and quickly restored production with results lasting over 4 months.

Key metrics

production increase
4 months
covered by one treatment


Oil production rates substantially decreased, resulting in decreased revenue. Traditional xylene-based well-stimulation treatments partially restored production but had to be re-applied every two-weeks. Suspected paraffin and asphaltene deposits were restricting the formation and flow lines, reducing production capacity.


Our proprietary 3-part HotSoss well stimulation program was applied at 5% in water, heated and squeezed into the formation. Formation shut-in and chemical allowed to penetrate perforation dissolving paraffin, asphaltene and sulphide deposits.


Production Increased 447%
Well-production dramatically increased after HotSoss treatment, increasing well revenue.

Sustained Production Increase
Long-lasting production increase observed from HotSoss treatment. One application lasted 4 months whereas Xylene treatments were previously applied every two-weeks.

Reduced Cost to Process per Barrel
Water cut decreased by 7%, resulting in higher value oil that was easier to process.


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