From Barely a Barrel to a Boom: HotSoss Stimulates Production at Bakken Well After Traditional Treatment Failures

At a glance

An 11-year old well in North Dakota suffered a significant decline in production due to paraffin buildup. This well struggled to operate, barely producing more than a single bbl/day. After a single HotSoss well treatment, production jumped to an average of 28 bbl/day and 13.5 MCF of natural gas.

Key metrics

increase in oil production
increase in natural gas production
increase in well runtime


Paraffin blockages caused a significant production decline in this North Dakota Bakken formation oil well—making it uneconomical to operate. Traditional chemical treatments and hot oiling failed to solve the problem. The well owner, facing diminishing returns on investment, sought an innovative solution to stimulate production and revitalize the well.


HotSoss emerged as the breakthrough solution, thanks to its unique approach to tackle paraffin, iron sulfide, and asphaltene deposits. The treatment plan included a single hot oil truck to:

  • Mix a 5% HotSoss in 70 barrels of produced water
  • Heat the HotSoss solution and divide for direct well injection and flowline cleaning
  • Complete treatment in a single day for immediate impact


28x Increase in Oil Production
Production jumped from <1 bbl/day to an average of 28 bbl/day in the two-months following HotSoss treatment.

60x Increase in Natural Gas Production
Wells with HotSoss averaged treatment every 213 days compared to 177 for Xylene. This resulted sustained periods with higher production rates. Production in one well increased 6-12 bbl (1-2 m3/day).

30x Increase in Runtime
Prior to treatment well only run 1-2 days per month due to paraffin blockages. Post-treatment, well runs every day.


HotSoss Bakken Well Stimulation Production Graph



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