How HotSoss Revived this Abandoned Oil Field Water Disposal Well in West Texas

At a glance

This oil field water disposal facility in West Texas re-started after being abandoned for over 35 years. Hardened, oil sludge in the tanks and poor disposal well performance limited use. Hotsoss treatment restored well performance and recovered saleable oil from the sludge, exceeding customer expectations.

Key metrics

increase in disposal well throughput
decrease in discharge pressure
of barrels of recovered oil


After being abandoned for over 35 years, this oil field disposal facility faced several significant challenges:

  • Hardened oil sludge reduced tank capacity and made it impossible to gauge them to the bottom.
  • Low throughput rate to disposal and high discharge pressure.
  • Accumulations of paraffin, iron sulfide, and other unknown materials in the disposal well.


To tackle these challenges, HotSoss was applied as follows:

  • Well Treatment: 205 L (55 gallons) of Hotsoss mixed with 5.5 m3 (35 barrels) of produced water, heated, pumped downhole and shut-in overnight. To eliminate scale and push the Hotsoss further into the formation 20% acid was pumped in the following day.
  • Tank Cleanup: 1135 L (300 gallons) of Hotsoss mixed with 13 m3 (80 barrels) of water, using a hot oil truck to circulate in the tanks and break down hardened oil sludge.


2.1x Increase in Disposal Well Throughput
Achieved a disposal rate of 1150 m3/day (7,200 bbl/day), over double the initial rate and exceeding target by 24%.

14% Decrease in Discharge Pressure
Reduced discharge pressure to 10,300 Kpa (1,500 psi), meeting the target and improving operational efficiency.

Recovery of Saleable Oil
Tank cleanup yielded hundreds of barrels of recoverable oil, which covered the cost of the entire operation.


















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