Cutting Carwash Costs without Compromising Quality: How NuTech Grand Slam Saved this Customer 72.8% per Wash

At a glance

A carwash business needed to reduce costs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Guardian Chemicals replaced their existing two-product chemical solution with a single, more efficient product. The result: lower cost per wash, reduced chemical consumption, and a high-quality cleaning performance.

Key metrics

72.8% DROP


To minimize cost and inventory this carwash wanted to replace its two-component touchless chemical with a single product. The new product had to be high foaming (show) and clean all vehicle surfaces. To eliminate customer complaints, no road film or residue could remain, especially on chrome, windshields, and black vehicles.


Guardian Chemicals replaced the competitor’s two-part product with a single product: NuTech Grand Slam. Prior to replacement, the volume of the competitor’s product used per vehicle was measured to compare cost per wash and determine success.


Effective Cleaning of all Vehicle Surfaces

NuTech Grand Slam effectively cleaned all vehicle surfaces eliminating the need for two-products. Difficult to clean road film was removed from all surfaces, including windshields, chrome, and black paint.

Reduced Cost per Wash

Although the cost per container was higher, by switching to NuTech Grand Slam this customer reduced their cost per wash by 72.8%. NuTech Grand Slam is more concentrated, resulting in cost savings and reduced chemical consumption.

One-Product Solution

This customer reduced their chemical inventory to a single product for their touchless and wand wash operations.





Before and after pictures show how NuTech Grand Slam cleaned all difficult-to-clean surfaces, including chrome, black paint, and automotive windshield glass. NuTech Grand Slam removed the problematic windshield “eyebrow” which is often the toughest hurdle in touchless vehicle washing.


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NUTECH GRAND SLAM¬†exceeds your customers’ expectations putting on a luxurious foam show while cleaning in the toughest wash conditions including touchless washes. It effectively cleans all vehicle surfaces and soils, including tough to remove road film and windshield “eyebrow” film.