Cleaner Cars, Lower Cost per Wash: Discover the Secret to Reduce Your Touchless Car Wash Chemical Costs with NuTech Home Run

At a glance

A touchless carwash was determined to reduce chemical costs and improve vehicle cleaning. Like many touchless washes, they struggled to remove residual road film and the dreaded windshield eyebrow. By implementing NuTech Home Run, they lowered their cost per wash and enhanced cleaning performance.

Key metrics

45.6% DROP


Reduced customer traffic and increased operating costs from the COVID-19 pandemic caused the owners of this touchless car wash to look for solutions to cut their chemical costs without compromising performance. Their existing solution had difficulty removing residual road film and windshield eyebrow, requiring a wash booster to enhance performance.


Guardian Chemicals worked with the Operations Manager to replace their existing chemical with NuTech Home Run. Target dilution rates were identified and adjustments made based on performance. The touchless wash operated with a dual pre-soak, drawing 150 mL of product per car.


Cost per Wash Reduced by 45.6%

Replacing the competitor’s solution with NuTech Home Run resulted in a 45.6% reduction in cost per wash. With the old solution, the car wash chemical cost was $1.14 per car. Using NuTech Home Run, the cost was reduced to $0.62 per car.

Increased Show (Foam) and Improved Cleaning

NuTech Home Run provided a better foam show, resulting in a better customer experience. It removed residual road film and the dreaded windshield eyebrow.

One-Product Solution

This customer reduced their chemical inventory to a single product for their touchless and wand wash operations.


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Cue the bat flip! NUTECH HOME RUN is a high performance, high show vehicle wash concentrate that exceeds the expectations of your customers while reducing your cost per wash.