Cleaner New Construction Water Systems: How Aquaguard 810 Cleans and Protects New Construction Heating and Chilled Closed Loops

At a glance

The new heating and chilled loop systems in this 60-storey tower in Calgary were cleaned and protected with closed loop water treatment products, Aquaguard FC3 and 810. Compared to conventional cleaning and treatment, Guardian Chemicals process reduced water use, improved system cleanliness, and prevented corrosion during the pre-operational period.

Key metrics

WATER USE BY 1,250,000 L


New construction heating and chilled closed loops are flushed, filled, and often left stagnant for weeks or months during construction and commissioning. High volumes of cold water used in flushing cause corrosion. Traditional water treatments with Molybdenum or Nitrite fail to protect the system without circulation, leading to early corrosion before the building becomes operational.


During hydro-testing and pre-operational cleaning, Aquaguard FC3 was used at 200 parts water to 1 part product. This removed oil & grease, construction fouling, metal cuttings, and debris from the system. The system was drained, treated with Aquaguard 810 and circulated for two-weeks before being shut-in for 5 weeks.


Prevented Early Corrosion: Clean, clear water in all closed loops with low dissolved iron levels and no system corrosion issues.

Reduced Water Use: Treating the closed loops in this system with Guardian’s process, saved 1,350,000 L of water. This is a 37.5% reduction over conventional cleaning and treatment processes—and a significant reduction in the environmental impact.

Labour and Water Savings: Guardian’s process reduced labour by an estimated 120 manpower hours, saving this mechanical contractor $4,200. Reduced water use, saved an additional $4,525.


C1: Conventional cleaning and treatment with molybdenum-based product. Treatment circulated for 2weeks, then system shutdown for 4weeks.

C2: Closed loop system water after4 week shutdown period. Water has high iron levels and significant discolouration.

C3: Bag filters filled with oxygen induced iron sludge. Early system corrosion from lack of inhibition during stagnant period and high volumes of water flushing during rinse.



*System used for comparison purposes. These are common results for systems treated with conventional cleaning and treatment processes.


G1: Guardian cleaning with Aquaguard FC3 and treatment with Aquaguard 810. Treatment circulated for 2 weeks, then system shutdown for 4 weeks.

G2: Closed loop system water after 4 week shutdown period. Water remains clear with low dissolved iron levels.

G3: System filter after restart. Aquaguard 810 has moved any remaining dissolved iron and contaminants to the filters, leaving clean system water.




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AQUAGUARD 810 is an all organic treatment composed of corrosion and scale inhibitors, dispersants and buffering agents for use in closed loop systems. It does not suffer from issues regarding waste discharge (heavy metal) or biological control (nutrient for bacteria), unlike molybdate and nitrite based treatments.
AQUAGUARD FC3 is a concentrated liquid cleaner and degreaser, specially formulated for use in new and existing heating and cooling systems. AQUAGUARD FC3 is the ideal product for the removal of oils, greases, construction fouling, metal cuttings and debris from within these systems.