More Sustainable Oil Sands Operations Through Reduced Degreaser Consumption: A Terrasol ULV Case Study

At a glance

A major oil sands operation in Fort McMurray wanted to reduce costs and improve sustainability across their operation. Guardian Chemicals introduced Terrasol ULV for use in their wash bay. Testing proved replacing the competitors’ product resulted in reduced chemical consumption and cost.

Key metrics

52.7% DROP
45.1% DROP


This oil sands operation was grappling with excessive costs and environmental drawbacks with their current solvent degreaser. Baked-on oil sands residues, bitumen, oil and grease led to high chemical consumption rates. This led to higher costs and increased carbon emissions due to frequent and lengthy shipments.


Guardian Chemicals’ product, Terrasol, was introduced to the facility. Side-by-side performance testing revealed similar performance, however with Terrasol, significantly less volume was required.


52.7% Reduction in Degreaser Volume

Introduction of Terrasol reduced the volume of degreaser required by 52.7% from 18.5 L to 8.75 L. Estimated yearly consumption dropped from 150,000 L to 70,946 L.

45.1% Reduction in Annual Degreaser Cost

Based on estimated volumes, degreaser costs were reduced from $817,500 to $448,378.

Reduced Shipments and Carbon Emissions

Reduced degreaser volumes and proximity to Guardian Chemicals facility reduced shipments and shipping costs. Fewer shipments and less distance resulted in reduced carbon emissions.




Similar cleaning performance observed with both degreasers. Terrasol required an application of only 8.75 L vs 18.5 L for the competitive product, resulting in a 52.7% decrease in degreaser volume.


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TERRASOL is a unique hybrid formulation designed to combine the power of both solvent and water based degreasers to effectively remove the most difficult combinations of soil and oil deposits.  It utilizes the latest advancements in surfactant technology and the power of a proprietary solvent blend to provide unsurpassed performance. TERRASOL has been specifically formulated for safe and environmentally responsible use with the end user in mind. It features a high flash point, low toxicity and pleasant citrus odour for safe use.