Tackling Tough Asphalt Emulsion Deposits: How Terrasol Beats the Competition to Yield Better Results

At a glance

A large Western Canadian asphalt emulsion supplier struggled to keep their transportation fleet clean, especially in cooler seasons. Their current solution was effective but underperformed in colder temperatures. TerraSol was compared to the competition, yielding superior asphalt removal and reduced cleaning costs.

Key metrics



This asphalt emulsion supplier found the performance of their current degreaser declined during cold weather. As more cleaning takes place during the fringe seasons when asphalt demand is lower, they searched for an alternative solution. They needed a degreaser that would remove difficult baked-on asphalt emulsion deposits during all seasons.


Terrasol was tested side-by-side against the competitive product. Terrasol showed enhanced cold temperature performance with the added advantage of requiring fewer applications to remove the deposit.


Enhanced Asphalt Emulsion Removal

Terrasol improved asphalt emulsion removal, degreasing surfaces faster and in fewer applications. This was evident both in laboratory testing and onsite degreasing trials.

Improved Cold Temperature Performance

Terrasol continued to work at cooler temperatures. Final testing was conducted with daytime temperatures between 1°C and 3°C. Cold temperature cleaning capability allowed this asphalt emulsion supplier to clean equipment outside in fringe seasons.





At cooler temperatures, the competitive product barely touched the asphalt emulsion deposit while TerraSol successfully cleaned the tanker surface.


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TERRASOL is a unique hybrid formulation designed to combine the power of both solvent and water based degreasers to effectively remove the most difficult combinations of soil and oil deposits.  It utilizes the latest advancements in surfactant technology and the power of a proprietary solvent blend to provide unsurpassed performance. TERRASOL has been specifically formulated for safe and environmentally responsible use with the end user in mind. It features a high flash point, low toxicity and pleasant citrus odour for safe use.