Breathing Easy with TerraSol ULV: Low VOC Degreaser Cleans Heavy Haul Trucks at Major Fort McMurray Oil Sands Operation

At a glance

TerraSol ULV, a low VOC multi-purpose solvent degreaser was introduced to a large Fort McMurray oil sands wash bay. TerraSol ULV effectively cleaned coke and oil sands fouled heavy haul trucks while reducing VOC emissions by 99.9%, eliminating noxious degreaser odours, and protecting worker health.

Key metrics

99.9% DROP


A large Fort McMurray oil sands wash bay facility needed a new multi-purpose solvent degreaser compliant with updated Canadian VOC legislation. The low VOC product had to maintain high performance, effectively removing baked-on oil sands, bitumen, and heavy oil deposits from diverse heavy equipment, including heavy haul mining trucks.


Terrasol ULV a low VOC multi-purpose solvent degreaser was introduced to the operation. Side-by-side performance testing was conducted on two heavy haul trucks—one from the oil sands mine site with heavy oil deposits, and a second truck used to haul coke.

Testing showed TerraSol ULV to be slightly more effective at removing the heavy oil, oil sands, and coke deposits. A noticeable decrease in odour with was also observed.


Enhanced Safety and Compliance

  • Compliant with Canadian VOC regulations
  • Reduced solvent and wash bay odours
  • Improved worker safety
  • 99.9% drop in VOC levels

Effective Degreasing

With one application of product, TerraSol ULV showed a slight performance improvement and highly effective degreasing performance on heavy oil, bitumen, oil sands, and coke.


Terrasol LV multi-purpose solvent degreaser cleans heavy haul truck in Fort McMurray Oil SandsOil sands heavy haul truck box and coke heavy haul truck cleaned with one application of TerraSol LV.

TERRASOL ULV is a unique Ultra-Low VOC hybrid degreaser combining the power of both solvent and water-based formulations to tackle the toughest soil and oil deposits to deliver unmatched cleaning performance. Formulated with user safety and environmental responsibility in mind. It boasts a high flashpoint (>95°C) and ultra-low VOC content–for exceptional cleaning and degreasing without compromising safety or sustainability.