Case Studies

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OSB Panel Pressed with PressGuard X210

Non-Corrosive Mat Spray pMDI Release Agent for Daylight Orientated Strand-Board (OSB) Presses: PressGuard X210

A large oriented strand board (OSB) mill in Canada was converting to 100% pMDI resin. To prevent sticking and optimize production, a new release agent was required. Pressguard X210 was introduced and tested. The end result—consistent clean release, no panel sticking, and no press corrosion.


From Hazard to Handled: How Chemical Tank Cleaning Eliminated Sludge and Reduced Toxic Gas Concentrations

A large hydrocarbon processing facility needed to safely remove a hazardous mix of hydrocarbons, water, and sludge in one of their storage tanks. The presence of H2S, FeS, Mercaptans, LELs and Benzene required a systematic chemical tank cleaning process to ensure safety and environmental compliance.


Unleashing the Power of Automation: How this Healthcare Facility Upgraded its Cooling Tower Control System and Saved $8000 Per Year

A healthcare facility improved its cooling tower efficiency by upgrading to a fully automated control system. This change resulted in an annual cost savings of $8000. The change improved water treatment efficiency, reduced chemical consumption, and improved biological control.


Tackling Tough Asphalt Emulsion Deposits: How Terrasol Beats the Competition to Yield Better Results

A large Western Canadian asphalt emulsion supplier struggled to keep their transportation fleet clean, especially in cooler seasons. Their current solution was effective but underperformed in colder temperatures. TerraSol was compared to the competition, yielding superior asphalt removal and reduced cleaning costs.


Stop Damaging Aluminum Surfaces on Your Fleets: Discover How SafeGuard AL Cleans without Tarnishing Aluminum

A semi-truck and trailer wash bay faced challenges with high pH degreasers causing permanent damage to aluminum fuel tanks and chrome surfaces. SafeGuard AL replaced the previous cleaning agent and effectively cleaned all surfaces including aluminum and chrome without damage.