Case Studies

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hotsoss well treatment and production stimulation on bakken oil well in north dakota

From Barely a Barrel to a Boom: HotSoss Stimulates Production at Bakken Well After Traditional Treatment Failures

An 11-year old well in North Dakota suffered a significant decline in production due to paraffin buildup. This well struggled to operate, barely producing more than a single bbl/day. After a single HotSoss well treatment, production jumped to an average of 28 bbl/day and 13.5 MCF of natural gas.

Cleaning heavy haul trucks in Fort McMurray with TerraSol LV a low VOC solvent degreaser

Breathing Easy with TerraSol ULV: Low VOC Degreaser Cleans Heavy Haul Trucks at Major Fort McMurray Oil Sands Operation

TerraSol ULV, a low VOC multi-purpose solvent degreaser was introduced to a large Fort McMurray oil sands wash bay. TerraSol ULV effectively cleaned coke and oil sands fouled heavy haul trucks while reducing VOC emissions by 99.9%, eliminating noxious degreaser odours, and protecting worker health.

OSB Panel Pressed with PressGuard X210

Non-Corrosive Mat Spray pMDI Release Agent for Daylight Orientated Strand-Board (OSB) Presses: PressGuard X210

A large oriented strand board (OSB) mill in Canada was converting to 100% pMDI resin. To prevent sticking and optimize production, a new release agent was required. Pressguard X210 was introduced and tested. The end result—consistent clean release, no panel sticking, and no press corrosion.


From Hazard to Handled: How Chemical Tank Cleaning Eliminated Sludge and Reduced Toxic Gas Concentrations

A large hydrocarbon processing facility needed to safely remove a hazardous mix of hydrocarbons, water, and sludge in one of their storage tanks. The presence of H2S, FeS, Mercaptans, LELs and Benzene required a systematic chemical tank cleaning process to ensure safety and environmental compliance.


Unleashing the Power of Automation: How this Healthcare Facility Upgraded its Cooling Tower Control System and Saved $8000 Per Year

A healthcare facility improved its cooling tower efficiency by upgrading to a fully automated control system. This change resulted in an annual cost savings of $8000. The change improved water treatment efficiency, reduced chemical consumption, and improved biological control.