Case Studies

A Better Future with Chemistry Done Better.

How Guardian Helped this Alberta CoGen Facility with Boiler System Design Challenges to Achieve Operational Success

When an equipment supplier failed to assist with preoperational challenges at an Alberta CoGen facility, the facility owner turned to Guardian, their long-time chemical supplier, for help. Guardian resolved equipment challenges and ensured proper system functionality and chemical feed for boiler operation.

Cleaner New Construction Water Systems: How Aquaguard 810 Cleans and Protects New Construction Heating and Chilled Closed Loops

The new heating and chilled loop systems in this 60-storey tower in Calgary were cleaned and protected with closed loop water treatment products, Aquaguard FC3 and 810. Compared to conventional cleaning and treatment, Guardian Chemicals process reduced water use, improved system cleanliness, and prevented corrosion during the pre-operational period.

Cleaner, Safer, Better: Guardian Chemicals’ Transition to Low VOC Cleaners and Degreasers

Guardian Chemicals led the cleaning industry by proactively transitioning their product line to meet Canada’s new VOC regulations. VOC levels were reduced well below legislated limits; flashpoints increased to reduce flammability; product performance boosted; setting new industry standards for safety and efficacy.

How HotSoss Revived this Abandoned Oil Field Water Disposal Well in West Texas

This oil field water disposal facility in West Texas re-started after being abandoned for over 35 years. Hardened, oil sludge in the tanks and poor disposal well performance limited use. Hotsoss treatment restored well performance and recovered saleable oil from the sludge, exceeding customer expectations.

hotsoss well treatment and production stimulation on bakken oil well in north dakota

From Barely a Barrel to a Boom: HotSoss Stimulates Production at Bakken Well After Traditional Treatment Failures

An 11-year old well in North Dakota suffered a significant decline in production due to paraffin buildup. This well struggled to operate, barely producing more than a single bbl/day. After a single HotSoss well treatment, production jumped to an average of 28 bbl/day and 13.5 MCF of natural gas.