Case Studies

A Better Future with Chemistry Done Better.


From Filthy Filters to Clean Water: Boiler System Cleaned and Protected by Aquaguard 810 in Only 6 Weeks

Poor water quality and lack of treatment in this process water boiler system meant regular shutdowns and cleaning were required. Aquaguard 810 and process improvements were introduced. The result: clean water, reduced maintenance cost, corrosion protection and no more costly shutdowns and cleaning.


Cutting Carwash Costs without Compromising Quality: How NuTech Grand Slam Saved this Customer 72.8% per Wash

A carwash business needed to reduce costs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Guardian Chemicals replaced their existing two-product chemical solution with a single, more efficient product. The result: lower cost per wash, reduced chemical consumption, and a high-quality cleaning performance.


Protecting Concrete Facility Infrastructure: Prolonged Pipe Life in Sand Heating Systems with Aquaguard 841

A concrete site using a direct injection steam generator faced issues with high deposit formation, corrosion, and frequent pipe replacements. Guardian Chemicals introduced Aquaguard 841 treatment, which improved the system’s performance and extended the service life of the pipes.


Winterized Haul Truck Release Agent: Conquering the Cold and Sludge with Glide

A non-toxic release agent was required to stop waste pulp sludge from freezing to haul truck boxes. The current product, Calcium Chloride, was not effective, causing extra labor costs and cold exposure. Glide W RTU was developed and applied to the haul truck boxes to prevent sticking.


Cleaner Cars, Lower Cost per Wash: Discover the Secret to Reduce Your Touchless Car Wash Chemical Costs with NuTech Home Run

A touchless carwash was determined to reduce chemical costs and improve vehicle cleaning. Like many touchless washes, they struggled to remove residual road film and the dreaded windshield eyebrow. By implementing NuTech Home Run, they lowered their cost per wash and enhanced cleaning performance.