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Effective chemical solutions for data center building maintenance

There Are No Offline Hours in Your Buildings

The buildings that house data require very specific conditions, 24/7. That means that cooling and heating systems need to maintain their performance levels no matter what, or you risk losing data service. There’s simply no room for error.

You Need More Than Maintenance Chemistry

You need a chemical provider who understands what’s at stake

Underperforming systems can be disastrous for your data. To keep your heating and cooling systems working, we are prepared to deliver what’s needed, when you need it. You need someone who understands your systems, who you can trust to answer your call any time of day, and who works tirelessly to find the right solution.


Water Treatment

Your water systems are critical to your building—and when you’re housing the world’s data, there is no such thing as ‘down time.’ To ensure your facilities stay up and running in all conditions,  Guardian delivers the three pillars required for successful water treatment: industry-leading chemistry, responsive and knowledgeable service, and the holistic processes to ensure your systems perform at the lowest possible operating cost. This approach is grounded in decades of experience and supported by a data-driven process, giving operations and leadership the peace of mind they deserve. And we do this with health and safety as our top priority—that means everything from providing the proper training to handle the products to water management plans ensuring legionella does not cause an issue for your building. We can help by providing chemistry that is designed to get the most out of your systems, and the service support needed to keep them working as long as possible.

While the best water systems will be perfectly balanced, we understand that sometimes not everything goes as planned. That is why we also have a suite of solutions such as defoamers, descalers and odour controllers to help get your system back on track and operating at peak performance.

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Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Protect the health of everyone in and around your buildings from the visible and invisible bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants that can linger for days in the right environment. Guardian’s wide variety of solutions include several registered with Health Canada. All our hard surface cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants are made to ensure the cleanliness of contaminated surfaces.

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The best water systems will be perfectly balanced to minimize scale issues. However, once scale develops, it can impact the efficacy of your boilers, chillers, cooling towers, and heat exchangers. By treating this issue as soon as it’s noticed, you can prevent further negative impacts on your systems and equipment. We have the systems and people to properly treat the issue and optimize your system’s performance, no matter what condition it’s in.

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You Can Count on Us to Help Keep Things Running

Our technology-forward world is increasingly dependent on remote data centres to power everything we do. That makes the chemistry supports data center buildings critical.
At Guardian, we understand how important this is. We are dedicated to providing best in class chemistry, service, and solutions that guarantee top performance and continued uptime for all your processes. And we are committed to continually improving and innovating.
Our Proactive Partnership Approach

We don’t believe in ‘deliver-and-done’. True benefits revolve around the consistency of program execution, which is why we’re there when you need us both for regular servicing and emergency support for life.

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A solution is more than just a product—it is a complete program that results in lower life cycle operating cost and considers the impact on health, safety and the environment.
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Our service is key to your success. We deliver with industry-leading turnaround times, and effective commissioning and training ensure that your system operates safely and effectively from day one.
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