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Scale Buildup Causes Big Issues

Scale buildup is a part of many water treatment and industrial processes—it accumulates and affects the efficiency of your system by reducing flow and heat transfer capacity. That in turn increases your operational costs. But finding a commercial or industrial descaler that genuinely works isn’t easy. Many descaling products on the market simply can’t handle tough jobs, or ruin the integrity of your system by causing corrosion. You need solutions that can effectively provide descaling, and prevent the buildup of new scale.

We Tackle Scale at its Source

You don’t always know what’s causing your scale. Our team does onsite testing to discover what type of scale you’re seeing and create an all-in-one descaling and scale inhibiting solution perfect for your system. Our range of products are mixed to offer the most effective concentrations for lifting scale, while protecting the base metal underneath from corrosion.

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We Work to Protect the Integrity of Your System

Scale shows up in all sorts of industrial settings for many different reasons. But whatever the cause, and whatever the nature of the scale you have, we can create surfactant and inhibitor solutions to lift and remove that scale, and help prevent more scale from building. Our descaling chemical range can be used to remove scale from:

  • Water treatment systems
  • Mining equipment
  • Industrial processes

Featured Industrial Descaler Chemicals


Hydrofluoric-Acid Free Aluminum Cleaner

With ENVY, you can safely restore chrome and aluminum without using toxic hydrofluoric acid. ENVY works fast! In a single application, it removes oxidation and mineral scales without manual scrubbing.


Acid Cleaner, Scale Remover and Neutralizer

AQUAGUARD 925 uses a natural organic acid base to remove water hardness and calcium-based scale deposits. Concentrated and non-fuming AQUAGUARD 925 is safer to use than hydrochloric acid alternatives. Improve system efficiency, and heat transfer with this fast-acting cleaner.
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Chemical Descaling Solutions
Tailored For Your Systems

Chemical descaling is crucial to optimize your system for peak performance. Whether your water treatment system or industrial process needs descaling—our team will recommend the right chemical descaling solution to remove scale while protecting your system. Try our descaling chemicals and see how Guardian Chemicals works to optimize your systems and help your business.

Descaling Chemicals You Can Trust

Whether you need to descale a boiler, cooling tower or other system—we have solutions to meet your needs. At Guardian Chemicals, we manufacture industry-leading descaling chemicals to remove costly scale and rust deposits from your water treatment systems and industrial processes. Keeping your systems free of scale improves heat transfer and reduces your utility costs. Give us a call today, or find the right chemical descaling product with our chemical product finder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Descaler Chemicals

If you have questions about industrial descaler chemicals, we can help. Here are common descaling chemical questions answers. If you have more questions, our team of experts would be happy to assist you.

What Types of Scale Will Your Descaling Chemicals Treat?

We have chemical descaling products to remove many types of scale buildup, including:
  • Boiler scale
  • Cooling tower scale
  • Heat exchanger scale
  • Water scale (hardness scale)
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Limescale
  • Mineral scale
  • Rust
  • Struvite

Do You Have Acid Descalers for Boilers, Cooling Towers, and Heat Exhangers?

Yes, we have acid descalers for boilers, cooling tower scale removers, and descalers for heat exchangers. Scale buildup in heat exchangers is a prevalent problem, especially in poorly treated systems. Our chemicals remove existing scales from a variety of systems and surfaces. After descaling, we can treat your system to prevent future scale buildup.

Do You Offer Other Types of Products Besides Industrial Descaler Chemicals?

Yes, Guardian Chemicals has an extensive specialty chemical product line including cleaners and degreasers, sanitizers and disinfectants, water treatment chemicals, degassing agents, defoamers, and more.

Descaling Chemicals

Discover the Difference Descaling Chemicals From Guardian Chemicals Can Make

If you need to remove scale buildup, Guardian Chemicals can help. We offer a variety of industrial descaler chemicals. Our descalers clean your systems and equipment. Best of all, we can help you prevent future scale issues. If you have any questions about descaling chemicals, please contact us. Our team will be happy to help you find the right solution.

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