HOTSOSS. The Oil Well Stimulation and Production Enhancement Solution.

Replace hot oiler, xylene, and kerosene with HotSoss.
Lasting oil well cleanout, stimulation, and production enhancement.

Traditional Well Stimulation Techniques Fall Short

Are the oil wells you manage struggling with: 

  • declining oil production 
  • frequent downtime from well blockages, wax, paraffin, and asphaltenes 
  • and skyrocketing well maintenance costs?

Traditional hot oiling, xylene, and kerosene paraffin treatments offer temporary relief, but often fall short—resulting in short-lived oil production increases. Unfortunately, with traditional treatments, well pumps and tubing often remain coated with production-robbing wax, paraffins, iron sulfides and asphaltene deposits—leaving you to battle the same issues over and over again. 

chart showing monthly decline in bakken formation oil well production

Declining Oil Production. Dwindling Profits.

Imagine the frustration of watching your profits dwindle—as you pour resources into conventional well treatments that only offer short-lived solutions. Xylene, kerosene paraffin treatments and hot oiling fail-to-deliver lasting results, forcing you into a costly, time-consuming and endless cycle of well maintenance. Constantly battling wax, paraffin, asphaltene, and iron sulfide deposits drain your budget. Worst of all, conventional well treatments often fail-to-deliver meaningful and lasting production enhancement. 

HotSoss. The Oil Well Stimulation and Production Enhancement Solution.

HotSoss is the long-term solution to restore lost production by eliminating flow restrictions caused by wax, paraffin, asphaltene and iron sulfide deposits. Where conventional treatments produce mediocre results, HotSoss excels.

HotSoss isn’t just another downhole well solution, it’s the key to enhanced oil recovery. Use HotSoss for:

  • Oil production enhancement and well optimization
  • Well stimulation and EOR
  • Pipeline and Flowline cleanouts
  • Sucker rod and tubing cleaning
  • Disposal well cleanouts
  • Well conversions (oil producing to water injection)
  • Downhole tool cleaning

“If you were to use all Xylene instead of Hotsoss the job would cost 50% more. For this reason when we want to treat the lateral it just makes sense to use Hotsoss.”

HotSoss Helps You Optimize Oil Production and Pump Profits

Embrace operational excellence with HotSoss. Enhance oil recovery, and elevate oil production. With HotSoss you:

  • reduce well downtime and extend runtimes
  • reduce well treatments and operational costs
  • and boost oil well output and overall well production

Turn away from the cycle of production decline. Every drop counts, get HotSoss to boost oil production and pump profits.

Foulded downhole sucker rods before and after cleaning with HotSoss

Make the Switch to HotSoss

HotSoss has optimized well output and boosted profits in over 1500 successful applications. Hot oiling, xylene, and kerosene paraffin treatments are a thing of the past—join the industry leaders who are already realizing enhanced well production and make the switch today.

Don’t let another barrel of oil go to waste. Contact us now, and breathe new life into your wells. It’s time for well stimulation that delivers more than just promises. It’s time for HotSoss.

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Frequently Asked Questions about HotSoss

Navigating the complexities of well stimulation, production enhancement, and optimization can be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about HotSoss. Contact us if you have other questions, or want to learn more about HotSoss.

How much will HotSoss increase my oil well production?

HotSoss treatment will clean tanks, treaters, well-bore and help open perforations to allow more inflow. Production increase varies depending on degree of fouling and well parameters. In the rare case where a production increase is not observed—treatment longevity is longer than a hot oil job because production robbing hydrocarbons and foulants will be stripped from the well.

How does well stimulation with HotSoss enhance production?

HotSoss improves oil production by efficiently removing blockages from paraffin wax, asphaltenes, iron sulphides, and other production-robbing deposits. This eliminates flow restrictions, increasing production capacity within the well.

Can HotSoss optimize the performance of older wells?

Absolutely, HotSoss can help to increase production in older wells by removing deposits that restrict flow. By doing this, older wells can be revitalized, restoring them to increase oil production.

What makes HotSoss different from traditional well treatments?

HotSoss is more effective than traditional well stimulation treatments at removing well and flowline deposits, extending well runtimes, and reducing downtime without the environmental and safety concerns associated with traditional methods.

What is the ROI of HotSoss treatment?

HotSoss treatment often results in a well production increase, reduced power usage, reduced well rod drag, lower operating pressure and less rig time.

Will HotSoss help remove iron sulfides in flowlines and piping?

Yes, HotSoss treatment is designed to remove iron sulfides. During treatment, HotSoss forms a stable, water soluble complex with iron sulphide. Once dissolved, HotSoss will not re-release iron sulfide and will not cause water injection problems.

Are there any adverse effects to HotSoss treatment?

No. As of March 13, 2024 over 1500 HotSoss well stimulation treatments have been performed with no adverse effects reported.

Does HotSoss contain any chlorinated solvents?

No, HotSoss does not contain chlorinated solvents and will not cause the formation of organic chlorides in your oil.

What if HotSoss treatment doesn't work?

As of March 13, 2024 we’ve engineered over 1500 HotSoss well treatments and counting, Out of all these jobs, only one did not achieve our desired level of success. Unfortunately, it was not communicated that this was a dual zone well with existing scale issues due to incompatible waters.

Create a Better Future with HotSoss

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