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Safe and effective chemical solutions that cater to the mining industry

You Can’t Afford Mistakes

Mining is a unique industry—no other is quite as tough on its equipment. When you need chemistry for scheduled (or unplanned) maintenance, you need solutions that are effective, fast-acting, and safe for your team. Downtime, whether it’s caused by application limitations or delivery, just won’t cut it.

Whatever Your Needs, We Have Your Bases Covered

We’ve made mining our business for decades

We know mining—we’ve been creating superior chemistry solutions to outfits across the world for decades. We understand that you need effective and safe chemistry. And it’s got to be easy to apply in a wide range of conditions.


Cleaning & Degreasing

Dirty equipment is equipment that isn’t running at top efficiency. Whether it’s hydrocarbons, dirt, debris, or other contaminants, we have the specialized chemistry for heavy equipment cleaning, large washbay technologies, and electric motor cleaning. We tailor our solutions so that they can perform in any conditions and to the standard that you demand.

Our expertise and partnerships with our clients for their chemical cleaning projects ensure safe and efficient cleaning, optimized equipment performance, and improved production capabilities.

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Gear Cleaning

Gear fouling has the ability to grind your operations to a halt, and effective gear cleaning is critical to efficient processes. We have created programs designed for the mining industry to clean draglines and sag, rod, and ball mill gears. Guardian Chemicals can clean on the fly with specialized chemistry that works at higher temperatures. This reduces the time to clean from days to hours— a 34-foot S.A.G. Mill Gear can be cleaned in as little as 3 to 4 hours.
We also have formulations that protect gears from damage, so your gears get cleaned without risk of harm or revenue loss—they’re ready for follow-up work.

Metal Preparation

In preparing metal components for return to work, efficacy and safety are of top concern. Our chemical solutions include innovative blends of high performance surfactants, alkalinity boosters, water conditioning agents, and corrosion inhibitors. We craft solutions to meet your unique challenges, and can assist with application and disposal.

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Water Treatment

Water is a sometimes overlooked, but incredibly important part of your operations. In your processing facilities, you need to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are working effectively while minimizing utility costs. We can help by providing chemistry that is designed to get the most out of your systems, and the service support needed to keep them working as long as possible. This includes a suite of solutions such as defoamers, corrosion inhibitors, descalers and odour controllers to help keep your system at peak performance. We additionally have solutions for your wastewater to ensure you can avoid dangerous bacteria growth or unintended environmental impact.

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Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Keeping your team safe and healthy is critical to your operations—now more than ever. Both visible and invisible bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants can linger for hours or days in the right environment. Guardian’s wide variety of solutions include several registered with Health Canada, and all our hard surface cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants are made to ensure the cleanliness of contaminated surfaces. Talk to our team about sanitizing and disinfecting solutions for any worksite environment.

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We Meet You Where You Are

Your work takes you to some of the most remote places in the world. Guardian can be there for you, wherever that is. By barge, by truck, or by air, we can deliver superior solutions that not only keep production going but improve efficiency and product quality.

  • Continually working to improve product performance for a better return on investment
  • Prioritizing safety for your workers and the environment
  • Working to simplify application and offer product support
  • Being a trusted source for multiple chemical needs
Our Proactive Partnership Approach

We don’t believe in ‘deliver-and-done’. True benefits revolve around the consistency of program execution, which is why we’re there when you need us both for regular servicing and emergency support for life.

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