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Hard work can get a little dirty. We mostly don’t mind the mess, but the foul odours produced when important work is being done can dampen everyone’s enthusiasm for a project.

Clean-Scented Chemistry You Can Count On

Unpleasant odours aren’t just a nuisance. They impact the lives of your staff and customers as well as the communities you work in, and can undermine your work. We’ve created a versatile catalogue of safe, effective chemistry to mask, reduce, or eliminate odours in industrial, landfill, leisure and commercial environments.

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Bad odours can be generated in commercial, industrial and even recreational settings. Every situation is different, and our experts employ a holistic assessment approach that first analyzes your system to search for an adjustment or change that doesn’t require a chemical solution. But if chemistry is required, we can formulate an effective, non-carcinogenic solution that neutralizes odours. Our team also offers the application training, emergency response, and regular reviews and evaluations to make you feel confident about your product.

Our chemistry can help you lessen or eliminate bad smells caused by:

  • Waste holding tanks, industrial sump systems. and other standing or wastewater systems
  • Tank cleaning applications or transporting oilfield waste
  • Various grey and black wastewater holding tanks such as those found on recreational or transportation vehicles, boats, buses, and trains
  • Outdoor toilets and other portable chemical holding tanks
  • Agricultural operation
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Odour Control Solutions Designed For Your Systems

Bad odours come from many different sources. Every odour issue is unique. Our expert team evaluates your process to pinpoint the foul odour source. Once identified, we work with you to identify the best odour control solution and process improvements for your system.

We develop customized solutions, offer training, and conduct ongoing evaluations to ensure its continued efficacy. By partnering with us, you can be confident your people and systems are protected from the adverse effects of unpleasant odors.

Industrial Odour Control You Can Count On

At Guardian Chemicals, we pride ourselves on being a trusted and innovative chemical supplier. We have a reputation for providing cutting-edge solutions to our customers across various industries. Our wide range of custom industrial odour control solutions can help you address unpleasant smells that can affect your employees and the surrounding communities.

With our comprehensive selection of odour control chemicals, you can be assured that Guardian Chemicals will help improve your business. Browse our chemical product finder or contact us to learn more and see the difference our products can make for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Odour Control Solutions

If you have questions about industrial odour control solutions, we are here to help. Our FAQ provides answers to commonly asked questions. For additional questions, our industry experts are always available to assist you.

What is Industrial Odour Control, and Why is it Necessary?

Industrial odour control refers to the technologies and chemical odour control solutions used to manage and reduce bad smells from industrial systems and processes. These smells can be harmful to people’s health, affect the daily lives of those living nearby, and hurt the environment. It’s important to have good odour control solutions in place to keep your workplace safe and healthy, and prevent problems and complaints from those living nearby.

How Do Odour Control Solutions Work?

Our industrial odour control solutions employ one of three effective methods: masking, scavenging, or targeting odour sources, such as Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB).
  1. Masking Agents: These substances cover unpleasant odours with a more agreeable scent. However, masking agents are not suitable for situations involving harmful odours, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S).
  2. Scavengers: These compounds neutralize foul odours by converting H2S into non-hazardous species. They react with the H2S gas, effectively eliminating the odour.
  3. Targeting Odour Sources: Many industrial odours, particularly those in wastewater, originate from SRBs. Two distinct odour control solutions target SRBs: Biocides and SourStop. Our Aquaguard 600 series biocides eliminate the bacteria responsible for H2S formation. SourStop fosters the growth of nitrate-reducing and aerobic bacteria, which disrupt the respiration cycle of SRBs and naturally remove sulfides from wastewater.

The appropriate odour control solution depends on your specific process and requirements. In some cases, a combination of these methods may be necessary to achieve optimal odour control.

Which Odour Control Solution is Right for Me?

Determining the best odour control solution for your facility requires a thorough evaluation of several factors is required. These include:
  • the odour source and composition
  • its concentration
  • budget and maintenance requirements
  • and relevant regulations and standards

Consult with an expert in industrial odour control, for custom recommendations and effective solutions that address your facility’s unique requirements.

Do You Offer Other Types of Products Besides Odour Control Solutions?

Yes, in addition to our industrial odour control products, Guardian Chemicals has a large line of specialty chemical products, including cleaners and degreasers, sanitizers and disinfectants, water treatment chemicals, degassing agents and more.

Discover the Difference Our Odour Control Products Can Make

If you need help with odour control in your commercial or industrial facility, process or system, Guardian Chemicals is here to help. We offer a variety of odour control solutions for use in a range of industries and environments. Contact us today! Our industry experts are ready to answer your questions about odour control and help you discover the right solution.

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