All-in-One Steam Boiler Condensate Treatment

The AQUAGUARD 200 Series is designed to protect condensate return systems from corrosion by neutralizing dissolved carbon dioxide and other acid contaminates. Carbon dioxide is generated by the breakdown of carbonates and bicarbonates dissolved in the feed water. The carbon dioxide is then readily dissolved in the water, resulting in the formation of carbonic acid.

AQUAGUARD 211 steam boiler condensate treatment is a blend of neutralizing amines combined with a volatile oxygen scavenger to provide complete condensate system protection to any size of boiler/condensate system. AQUAGUARD 211 features neutralizing amines with low, medium and high vapour to liquid distribution ratios to protect even the furthest runs of the condensate system. In addition, AQUAGUARD 211 contains a multi-functional volatile oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor capable of removing residual oxygen in the condensate and promoting the formation of a passive corrosion resistant magnetite film.

AQUAGUARD 211, fully formulated corrosion control with neutralizing amines, volatile oxygen scavengers and passivation agents.


  • Complete system protection. Effectively reduces condensate system maintenance costs and minimizes potential of boiler tube failures caused by metallic corrosion products in the return condensate.
  • Neutralizes dissolved carbon dioxide and other acid contaminates to provide cost effective condensate corrosion control.
  • Rapid, complete oxygen removal from boiler feed water and condensate.
  • Volatile to prevent corrosion throughout the steam condensate system.
  • Easy to use, test and control by monitoring the condensate pH.
  • Ideal for all system sizes.


AQUAGUARD 211 features neutralizing amines with low, medium and high vapour to liquid distribution ratios and is thus suitable for use in all boiler/condensate systems to provide complete system protection.

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