Oxygen Scavenger for Boiler and Corrosion Inhibitor

AQUAGUARD 231 is a multi-functional volatile oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor for boiler systems. Most oxygen scavengers are limited to removing oxygen from the feed water, but the volatile nature of AQUAGUARD 231 also allows it to travel with the steam and scavenge oxygen from the condensate where in leakage can occur.

In addition to its function as an oxygen scavenger, AQUAGUARD 231 also prevents corrosion by promoting the formation of a passive corrosion resistant magnetite film. Lastly, under high temperature, AQUAGUARD 231 has the ability to self convert into two neutralizing amines capable of removing carbon dioxide and other acid contaminants from the condensate. No other oxygen scavenger features this multi-functional capability; neutralizing amine, volatile oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor all in one.


  • Complete system protection. Effectively reduces condensate system maintenance costs and minimizes potential of boiler tube failures caused by metallic corrosion products in the return condensate.
  • Rapid, complete oxygen removal from boiler feed water and condensate.
  • Volatile to prevent corrosion throughout the entire system including the steam condensate.
  • Acts to inhibit corrosion by scavenging oxygen and passivating internal system surfaces.
  • Self converts into two neutralizing amines capable of removing carbon dioxide and other acid contaminants from the steam condensate.
  • Does not contribute solids to the system reducing need for blowdown or sludge removal.
  • Low toxicity making it safe to use and easy to handle.


AQUAGUARD 231 can be used in both low and high pressure boiler systems to replace hydrazine and sulfite scavengers or as a supplement to them to specifically target oxygen in the steam
condensate due to its’ volatility. AQUAGUARD 231 should be used wherever air in-leakage is a problem to prevent oxygen corrosion in the steam condensate system.

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