Steam Boiler Treatment

AQUAGUARD 422 is a concentrated multi-functional liquid steam boiler treatment that combines scale and corrosion inhibition properties for both boiler and condensate systems into one easy to use product.

AQUAGUARD 422 is composed of a synergistic blend of corrosion and scale inhibitors, alkalinity boosters, volatile amine and dispersants. AQUAGUARD 422 is an excellent choice for systems with a high proportion of return steam condensate and minimal requirements for additional feed water makeup.


  • All in one, easy to use product
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance by controlling scale and corrosion
  • Helps to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces, ensuring efficient boiler operation
  • Contains volatile amine to protect the condensate system from corrosion by neutralizing dissolved carbon dioxide and other acid contaminates
  • Added corrosion protection for brass and copper components
  • Easy to test and control
  • Effective in hard or soft water areas


AQUAGUARD 422 is ideal for a variety of commercial, institutional and small industry systems. AQUAGUARD 422 is not meant to be used in hot water boilers or any other type of heat exchange equipment other than steam boilers.

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