Cleaning and Oxidizing Agent

When you need to be sure your surfaces and systems are truly clean, decontaminate them with AQUAGUARD 601!

AQUAGUARD 601 is a powerful cleaning agent capable of oxidizing and removing organic deposits. Specially formulated using a concentrated sodium hypochlorite base, AQUAGUARD 601 is highly effective at cleaning various systems and surfaces, removing visible and invisible organic contaminants and controlling odours.


  • Highly concentrated, economical and effective
  • Powerful oxidizing agent capable of removing a wide variety of organic deposits
  • Cleans systems and surfaces removing visible and invisible organic contaminants
  • Controls odours


AQUAGUARD 601 may be used in a wide variety of industries and systems including water treatment, agriculture, industrial and institutional applications. It may be used as a final step in numerous cleaning applications to oxidize, remove and denature visible and invisible organic contaminants.

According to the Canola Council of Canada, sodium hypochlorite based cleaning agents like AQUAGUARD 601 are recommended for controlling clubroot.

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