Oxidizing Biocide: Bromine based

Is microbial growth fouling your system? If left unchecked, microbial contamination can reduce heat transfer efficiency, cause corrosion and create potential health and safety issues.

AQUAGUARD 606 is a fast acting, highly effective broad spectrum biocide that can be used at extremely low dosages to control algal, bacterial and fungal contamination.

AQUAGUARD 606 is a solid tablet, typically fed through a bromine feeder device. AQUAGUARD 606 is self-releasing with dosage dependent on water temperature and flow. As the tablets dissolve, bromine and chlorine are slowly released into the system.


  • Effective, broad spectrum antimicrobial agent (biocide)
  • Economical, highly effective at very low concentrations
  • More effective than chlorine over a broad pH range (6-10)
  • Safer to use, handle and store than liquid or gas alternatives
  • Remains effective in the presence of ammonia contamination
  • Easy to use


AQUAGUARD 606 is registered for use with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for use in recirculating cooling water systems including cooling towers, influent water systems, heat exchange water systems, industrial water scrubbing systems and industrial air washing systems with mist eliminators. AQUAGUARD 606 is also registered for use in pulp and paper mills.

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