Acid Cleaner, Scale Remover and Neutralizer

Scale buildup causes flow restrictions and reduced heat transfer efficiency, resulting in increased system maintenance and costs. Eliminate scale and the problems it causes by thoroughly cleaning your system with AQUAGUARD 915!

AQUAGUARD 915 is a 100% active powdered acid product, capable of outperforming a wide variety of alternative acid cleaners. AQUAGUARD 915 is specially formulated with a non-fuming natural organic acid base for optimal performance and safe use. AQUAGUARD 915 is ideal for removing calcium based scale deposits frequently encountered in water systems. It may also be used for neutralizing alkaline solutions.


  • Fast acting and effective. Product starts to work instantly upon application.
  • 100% active powder. Easily dissolved in water at cost effective dilutions.
  • Non-fuming and non-foaming.
  • Natural organic acid base is safer to use than hydrochloric acid alternatives and is acceptable for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Does not contain chlorides.


AQUAGUARD 915 can be used to clean and descale a wide variety of surfaces, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. AQUAGUARD 915 is an effective neutralizing agent for alkaline solutions and its non-fuming nature makes it safer to use than hydrochloric acid alternatives.

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