Steam Boiler Treatment (Small)

Water is the universal solvent! As a result, it often contains a variety of minerals and gases as well as suspended solids and biological contaminants. These contaminants can have a significant impact on boiler performance, causing scale and corrosion, resulting in lost efficiency and reduced equipment life.

Mitigate the effects of water and its contaminants on your steam boiler with AQUAGUARD HR1.

AQUAGUARD HR1 is specifically designed to mitigate the negative effects of the contaminants in the system feed water. Formulated with dispersants, alkalinity boosters and specialized scale and corrosion control additives, AQUAGUARD HR1 delivers the right combination to maintain optimal system performance. AQUAGUARD HR1 is specifically designed for use in steam boiler systems and those with high make up volumes.

AQUAGUARD HR1 effectively treats the system feed water by buffering to the desired pH range to prevent corrosion, reacting with the water hardness to prevent the formation of surface scale and forming an easily dispersed sludge that can be removed with blowdown. AQUAGUARD HR1 is not volatile. As such, the treatment remains in the boiler water and does not typically carry over into the steam.

Use of AQUAGUARD HR1 is proven to increase your boiler efficiency while reducing operating and maintenance costs and extending the lifespan of the system.


  • Effective control of water hardness, alkalinity and pH, scale and corrosion.
  • Allows boiler to operate under optimal conditions, resulting in improved heat transfer efficiency, reduced fuel use and extended system life.
  • Easy to use, monitor and control.
  • Non-volatile. Does not carry over into the steam.


AQUAGUARD HR1 is ideal for a variety of smaller systems including those with high make up volume commercial, institutional and industrial steam boiler systems.

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