Thickened High-Flashpoint Solvent Degreaser

Each hour a mill process gear or critical piece of machinery is out of service results in lost revenue. Our Traxol series of thickened Gear Cleaning Solutions quickly clean equipment in place, ensuring a quick return to service!

HITRAX GEL builds on our revolutionary Traxol series with the highest flashpoint and lowest odour in the industry! Now you can safely clean at higher temperatures, keeping the crew safe while reducing gear and production downtime!

HITRAX GEL uses a powerful blend of naturally derived and petroleum solvents, penetrating surfactants, extreme pressure lubricants and thickening agents optimized for cleaning power and user safety. This specialized blend quickly and effectively removes the most stubborn deposits including open gear lubricant, ore contamination, heavy oil, hydrocarbon and grease. HITRAX GEL clings to the surface where applied, providing extended cleaning action and optimal extreme pressure lubricity. These properties eliminate the need for multiple applications and extended downtimes, reducing cleaning costs and downtime, resulting in quicker turnaround times.

HITRAX GEL is highly effective for a variety of applications including open gears, shovels, buckets and draglines. After cleaning, HITRAX GEL is easily removed using our DETRAX cleaning agent, rendering the surface clean and free for inspection, alignment, general maintenance or repair.


  • Ultra-high flashpoint >100C (212F) and auto-ignition temperature 251C (483F) allow for safe cleaning at higher temperatures, reducing gear downtime.
  • Low-odour, low VOC blend for enhanced user safety
  • Ready-to-use, no pre-heating or chemical preparation required
  • Clings to vertical surfaces including rotating gears for extended cleaning action and reduced chemical application. Saves time and money!
  • Lubricates gear and prevents wear under extreme pressure during the cleaning process
  • Guardian Chemicals Gear Cleaning Specialists can perform the cleaning job for you, providing on-site expertise, application equipment and trained personnel where requested. Simply call to place your order and schedule a cleaning.


HITRAX GEL is a specialized product originally developed for cleaning open gears in the mining industry such as those found in autogenous mills and rotary kilns. In addition, HITRAX GEL is highly effective for cleaning shovels, draglines and other heavy duty industrial equipment.

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