Residue-Free Fast Evaporating Solvent Degreaser

Specialized cleaning of electrical and mechanical parts requires the use of residual free evaporating cleaners.  Many of these cleaners feature highly toxic and environmentally hazardous chlorinated solvents.  Resolve these issues without compromising your cleaning performance with RESOLVE HE.

RESOLVE HE is a 100% active non-conducting, residual free, evaporating solvent based degreaser.  It utilizes a proprietary solvent blend capable of removing the toughest hydrocarbon-based deposits including grease, grime, oil and carbon.

RESOLVE HE is specially formulated to quickly clean a wide variety of metallic surfaces, removing the deposit and evaporating without leaving any residue.  This makes it ideally suited to cleaning a variety of electrical and mechanical components.  In addition, this product will not freeze and is suitable for use in all seasons.


  • Highly concentrated 100% active formula allows for effective cleaning and degreasing capabilities.
  • Powerful, fast cleaning action.
  • Fast evaporating and residual free.
  • Higher flashpoint than other residual free evaporating degreasers.
  • Non-conductive and non-foaming.
  • Suitable for cleaning of electrical and mechanical parts.
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents or corrosive materials for improved health, safety & environmental performance.
  • Will not freeze.
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