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You Can’t Afford to Second-guess the Integrity of Your Water System

Water systems are complex. The wrong water treatment chemistry can have a catastrophic impact on infrastructure, operational costs, health, and safety. Left unchecked, scale, corrosion and microbial growth have serious consequences.

There’s too much at stake to second guess your water systems. The right chemicals are advantageous for water treatment. That’s why you need a reliable and effective water treatment program.

You Need a Water Treatment Solution You Can Count On

You need the right chemistry, and a chemical provider who understands the stakes. A provider who supports you at every step and provides a complete integrated solution. Our water treatment solutions combine industry leading expertise, equipment, service, and the right chemistry.

Our process approach provides:

  • Regular and emergency service and support
  • Monitoring, testing and troubleshooting
  • The expertise to make critical operational decisions

Experience reduced operational costs and extended equipment longevity with our water treatment programs.

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Your Water System Needs Perfect Balance

Water is everywhere, yet not everyone appreciates the chaos it can create. Your water system needs perfect balance—regular monitoring and servicing are critical. 

That’s why you need the right water treatment solution.  We offer chemical programs to effectively treat:

  • hot water heating boilers
  • steam boilers and condensate systems
  • chillers
  • closed loop heating and cooling systems
  • evaporative cooling systems including cooling towers, fluid coolers and evaporative condensers
  • glycol systems
  • brine systems
  • wastewater treatment systems and more

We take a holistic approach to your system. From the moment water enters the building until it leaves, we look at the big picture and create a customized solution. We offer remote monitoring and predictive data analytics to ensure reliable, predictable results. We “get it.” That obsession is why we’ve become a benchmark for water treatment in North America.

Our Proactive Partnership Approach

We don’t believe in ‘deliver-and-done’. True benefits revolve around the consistency of program execution, which is why we’re there when you need us both for regular servicing and emergency support for life.

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Your systems and processes are interconnected. We’ll arrange a site visit to understand the bigger picture.

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A solution is more than just a product—it is a complete program that results in lower life cycle operating cost and considers the impact on health, safety and the environment.
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Our service is key to your success. We deliver with industry-leading turnaround times, and effective commissioning and training ensure that your system operates safely and effectively from day one.

Commercial, Industrial and Institutional
Water Treatment Solutions

When it comes to your water system, surprises are rarely welcome. You can’t afford to second-guess your water treatment chemicals. That’s why companies rely on Guardian Chemicals for effective water treatment solutions.


Our holistic water treatment programs include access to our DataGuard system to deliver predictive analytics and predictable results. Best of all, DataGuard is free with your Guardian Chemicals water treatment program.

Water Treatment Chemicals You Can Trust

Maintaining the integrity of your water system requires water treatment chemicals engineered to meet the challenge. Every day building operators, site managers, and maintenance supervisors trust our programs to maintain their systems.

For over sixty years, Guardian Chemicals has provided commercial, industrial and institutional water treatment solutions to prevent scale, corrosion and microbial growth in critical water systems. Our AQUAGUARD series of water treatment chemicals are ideal for boilers, chillers, cooling towers, closed-loops and more. No matter the challenge, Guardian Chemicals has the chemistry, expertise and experience to provide your water treatment solution.

FAQ Water Treatment Solutions

Water quality is critical to maintaining your systems at peak efficiency and reliability. Systems and processes that use water to operate are affected by the quality of the source and circulated water. This includes boilers, cooling towers, closed loops, etc.

Water treatment is an investment to protect your systems and ensure years of reliable, efficient service. As you search for a water treatment solution, there are several important questions to ask. At Guardian Chemicals, we understand the stakes and develop customized water treatment solutions for you.

Why is water treatment important?

Water needs to be treated to prevent corrosion, scale deposition and microbial growth. The best water treatment programs prevent these issues and protect your boiler, cooling and closed loop systems. We take a holistic approach to water. Our programs combine water treatment chemicals, equipment, remote monitoring and service. This ensures your heating and cooling systems are well-maintained, reliable, and efficient. Best of all, our water treatment programs extend equipment life, reduce overall costs, and enhance sustainability.

What are the best water treatment chemicals?

When it comes to water treatment, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Water treatment chemistry is tailored to meet the demands of each system. Hot water heating boilers require different solutions than steam boilers with condensate systems. Closed loop heating and cooling systems require different solutions than cooling towers. That’s why you need to partner with a water treatment solutions company with the right chemistry and expertise to help you succeed.

Which water treatment system is best?

There is no one best system. Water treatment systems and programs are customized to the industry, building and application. Water treatment programs consist of many chemistries, each addressing a specific system need. We develop customized water treatment solutions for you to meet the needs of your system. Our holistic approach ensures reliable, predictable results.

Find the Right Balance for Your Water Treatment

The best water treatment programs are more than chemicals and solutions. They include the right expertise, equipment, monitoring, and ongoing service. Working together, we create customized water treatment solutions to meet your system needs. The end result – reliable, effective water treatment programs that save water and energy, reduce operating costs and extend equipment life.

Water Treatment Solutions

Experience the Difference Guardian Chemicals Can Make

Stop second-guessing your water treatment solution. Partner with a company that delivers reliable, predictable results. We research, develop, and manufacture our water treatment chemicals in-house to the highest quality standard. To learn more about our individual water treatment products, search our Product Finder.

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